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mini boom, oil only - (OILM3019)

For use in boat bilges of all sizes. Use the 8" x 18" in commercial size boats and the 5" x 15" in smaller pleasure crafts. Like the smaller bilge sock, these highly absorbent mini booms will help prevent pollution of our marine waters. Booms will absorb oils and fuels and will float on water.


Part # OILM3019
Model # OILM3019
Manufacturing # BW81810
Description mini boom, oil only
Harmonized Code 5603.14.0000
Description 2 Sturdy, absorbent socks are used to absorb and contain spills around machines or drums. Wrap socks around machinery to act as a dike. Also use socks to surround the spill, preventing liquids from spreading over the plant floor or down drains. These products are available in many types and sizes. Choose the right one for your application.
Color white
Size 8" x 18"
Shipping Weight 18.0000
Metric Size 20.3 cm 45.75 cm
Absorbency (gallons) 28
Metric Weight (kg) 8.1
Weight Class n/a
Fluids Sorbed Oil Only
Qty/CS 10